Brit’s BBC 2 Programme “Get A New Life” Struck a chord with the nation

In 2002 BBC 2 embarked on a series which would have effects throughout the nation. The created a series whereby they helped people leave Britain for a new life abroad.

Fronted by two property and relocation experts, Melissa Porter and Scott Huggins Get a New Life struck a cord with the nation. Amazingly some 150,000 people a year leave Britain permanently. Each week 3 million people tuned in to watch eight families relocate abroad often to a new life in the sun.

In 2004 the series made a comeback this time on a grander scale, 12 episodes helping 12 families relocate. This programme had such a rippling effect that a dedicated programme about it and relocation was made giving the staggering statistic that 47% of people in Britain would like to relocate abroad within the next 3 years.

The programme offered people the chance to try the relocation for a month with their living expenses paid and then had the option to return home or stay at the end of it. There were many far off places including Australia, Spain, New Zealand and even chilly Canada.

However, there was 2 episodes across the series featuring Florida. One which involved a family who had Green Card’s through the mother who was born in Florida. They rented a place on the Exclusive Deer Island community on the boundary between Clermont and Oakland (nr. Winter Garden). However at the end of the month they went back citing that it was difficult for them to find work and that they missed friends and family.

The other episode featuring Florida had a family, Dad and Mum; Robin and Sarah and their 2 daughters who emigrated on the E-2 visa after puchasing an E-2 Qualifying business, they chose a landscape gardening business and set up shop in New Port Richey on the Gulf Coast, about an hour north of Tampa. At the end of their monyth they stayed. About a year or so after the show my parents in fact met up with them to ask them how they were finding their new life in the sun. They expressed how much they were enjoying the Florida lifestyle.

All in all it shows that Florida offers something for everyone, many people want a dream holiday home in the sun..and why not!

Check out BBC Worldwide’s press release on the publication which accompanies this series.