British Homes Group Recommends Moneycorp

Moneycorp, as you may know, specialises in arranging currency exchange and easy currency transfers around the world – including to and from Florida and the UK.

A valuable and convenient service for all Florida villa owners!

Laura and her team at Moneycorp have helped, and continue to help, not only British Homes Group clients, but thousands of people around the UK, and here in Florida, transfer funds between the two locations.

We have always been happy to mention their currency exchange services to anyone with a UK / Florida connection and the need to exchange pounds to dollars or visa-versa.

With a dedicated office in Florida – in addition to their London headquarters – they specialise in currency exchange and international payments.

They can help you transfer your money at the right time, in the right way and when rates are in your favour.

They provide a personal Account Manager with expert market guidance – completely free of charge.

Due to recent changes in the US banking regulations, sending money to and from the USA can be difficult, but Moneycorp can still help.

They have a freephone number that works from the UK or the US so please call…

+1 877 252 8232

…if you have any questions about the current rates and programmes.

Mention code BHG2960 (if you call) to receive the Free Trading Facility feature.

We also have a Moneycorp Account link to set up a trading account online. The free trading facility is applied automatically.

It’s also free to have a Moneycorp Account and doesn’t place you under any obligation to trade or use their services.

All part of our “one-stop shop” service for our many thousands of customers in the UK.

Bill Cowie

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