EB-5 Visa Update

US “Fast Track” EB-5 Visa Update

As the normal drizzly European winter fast approaches and international currencies continue to strengthen against the US dollar, many would-be emigrants are turning their thoughts once again to America and in particular, the “Sunshine State” of Florida.

Much has happened in the last few months to make the increasingly popular EB-5 investment visa even more appealing. The US government and several individual States, such as Florida, for example, have intensified and broadened their search for investment capital and job creation during these challenging recessionary times.

A good measure of the EB-5 (“Employment-Based”) visa programme’s growing popularity and success is its rapid expansion in recent months. The choice of US government-designated EB-5 “Regional Centers”, for example, has doubled in the past year, from under 30 locations last year to over 60 now. Along with increased choice, however, comes the increased need for due diligence in the selection of the one EB-5 Regional Center that best fits your individual and unique budgetary, investment and personal requirements.

Additionally, Regional Centers are becoming more competitive in their efforts to attract the US$500,000 or US$1 Million investment required to participate in the programme. One Florida EB-5 Regional Center, located only minutes from Walt Disney World in Orlando, has recently increased its EB-5 investment offering from two luxury condominium rental-income apartments to three – 33% more Florida property for the same investment amount!

The EB-5 visa secures a permanent US resident Green Card not only for the applicant but also their entire family under 21 (the bigger the family the bigger the visa value).

Please let us know, therefore, if you would like a more detailed update of the US EB-5 “Fast Track” visa. This timely and sensible US immigration programme enables you to invest in, as well as emigrate to the Unites States, without the usual qualification issues, delays and frustrations of many other US visa options.

So come, live and invest in America’s “Sunshine State”!


Christine Doran – Emigrated to the U.S. in 1992

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British Homes Group Florida
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Lake Buena Vista EB5 Regional Center
Lake Buena Vista EB5 Regional Center