EB-5 Visa

EB5 Investment Visas for International Investors in the US


The US government has finished the test phase of a new immigration category called EB-5 (Employment Based Statute 5), which grants individuals permanent residency in the US if they invest $1million into a local job-making business or property development.  The visa allows for a $500,000 investment if it is invested in an area determined by the USCIS to be in special need of economic stimulus.

Designed to boost a region’s economy, the scheme has been piloted in 23 markets across the US and allows a high net-worth investor (HNW) to move to the US permanently, as long as the project (residential, mixed-use or commercial), employs 10 people as a direct result of the investment. The developer or business owner is allowed to sell 35% of the business to 35 individual investors, each taking a 1% stake, along with property or a physical holding at the company.

Property professionals across the US have already started partnering with owners of mixed-use projects in the country and marketing this visa-property solution to HNW international buyers.

The latest partnership has been signed in Orlando, Florida, between mortgage broker and agency the British Homes Group (BHG) ( www.britishhomesgroup.com/eb5.php ) and the developer of a luxury twin-tower condominium resort, one mile from Disney World.

Bill Cowie, director of BHG, said believes that this will be of particular interest to agents with British, European, Russian and Asian clients.

“The US government is working to attract more investment into the country and this is a genuine solution for investors wishing to obtain a residency permit in the US,” he said. “The cost-of-entry is a little steep, but the financial returns are immediate and the life-style rewards are immense. Agents, of course, now have an exciting new product and substantial income opportunity for their clients both in the UK, Europe and around the world.”

Investors into the specific Orlando project will pay $1million for a 1% share of the development company and will receive two condominium apartments for personal use or rental income.

For more information please visit: www.eb5investmentvisas.com